Design Principles

This page describes the design principles in which my urban design beliefs and opinions operate. Hopefully an understanding of this framework will provide a reference point for posts in this blog.

A Holistic and Sustainable Built Environment

Every development should aim to achieve three different tiers of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. If these are achieved the community, neighborhood, and greater city will benefit from a continuous vibrancy in all respects. In theory, these neighborhoods will be resistant to dilapidation and require less outside support.

  • Social Sustainability – a strong sense of community and social inclusion.
  • Economic Sustainability – financial feasibility and economic vitality.
  • Environmental Sustainability – physical interventions that enhance wildlife habitats and mitigate the negative physical effects of a development.

Below are qualities of the built environment that can and should be implemented in every development. It is important to use the physical implementations of these qualities to achieve social and economic influence:

Non-Physical Factors

While urban design pertains primarily to the physical interventions in a development, the most sustainable places , especially those that are being regenerated, will benefit greatly from policy programs that enhance community and economic life. The following are examples:

  • Community Programs
  • Community Participation
  • Local Partnerships
  • Politics
  • Regional Growth

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and do not represent those of the City of Charlotte.

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